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Katrina Boschenko


Katrina Boschenko knew she wanted to design interiors from a very early age. As the daughter of an architect and avid traveler, she spent her childhood visiting museums and significant architectural sites the world over. These experiences taught her the infinite nature of art and design.

Her design aesthetic is adventurous and unexpected, built on a foundation of natural materials and neutral textures and patterns that creates a sense of ease and calm in each space she designs. She has a passion for textiles, values slow design, and seeks out artisan made, singular custom pieces for her clients. 

Katrina spent over 20 years delivering vision, strategy and results for Fortune 500 clients at various agencies and rigorous startups. She left that world to pursue her passion for interior design, and continues to draw on her extensive experience as a strategist; moving seamlessly from big vision goals to the artistry of fine details, delivering unparalleled interiors for each of her clients.

As a designer I create evocative spaces that engages the senses as well as the emotion. How do you want to feel and experience yourself in this space?


As a nature lover and spiritual seeker, I create spaces that reflect the natural beauty of our environment, as well as something the the soul can feel at home in. I believe that design can both represent who a person is and create an invitation for who they wish to become, based on the feeling and emotion of the space.

Let’s explore how your space can nourish your soul.

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We had an amazing experience working with Katrina. We moved across the country and brought almost no furniture with us, so we were starting with a blank slate and Katrina gave us exactly the direction and guidance we needed. She understood our style, presented mood boards, and encouraged us to think outside the box. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Our home has certain elements that we never would have thought of without her that we absolutely love. I highly recommend working with Katrina if you’re considering a designer.


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