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We would love to hear from you about your project. All work is handcrafted and unique, produced on a custom basis using natural pigments and dyeing techniques. As a result, lead time is 4 – 6 months. At Wander Designs, we embrace nature’s beauty and welcome its inherent diversity, so variation in color matching can be expected.    

  • Please fill out the form with your contact information on our website;
  • We will follow up with an email and phone conversation to learn more about the scope of the project and your particular needs;
  • For projects within the Austin, TX area, we will conduct a site visit to review the space and take all necessary measurements;
  • If you are located outside of Austin, please provide photos/architectural plans/dimensions to our team. We will source a professional window treatment specialist in your area to take measurements;
  • We will select one of our artists based on your project and tastes and preferences;
  • You will receive fiber samples, presentation boards and schematics to showing what the end result will look like;
  • A professional team will be sent to the site for installation.
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