A Network of Fiber Artists

Wander Design’s Collective is a growing network of fiber artists from across the Globe. Wander Designs creates custom functional art piece for your home, handcrafted by artisanal weavers and dyeing specialists using sustainable fibers and plant-based pigments.

One-of-a-Kind Functional Art

Each functional textile is uniquely designed and created meticulously by hand to meet each client’s specifications and aesthetic, with careful attention given to matching the right artist to each particular installation.

Global Charities

The collective is committed to including artists from developing countries, with a percentage of proceeds going to local charities and women’s art collectives. 


Fiber Art

Fiber art, a fine art whose materials include fibers and often other elements, prioritizes aesthetic value over functionality, with a focus on manual labor and the components used. Best described as textile-based objects that have no intended use, fiber art has its roots in the women’s movement, when female artists in the 1960’s and 70’s reclaimed the domain of “women’s work” and elevated it to high art. The goal of Wander Design’s collective is to maintain the aesthetic dimension of textile-based art while producing pieces that can be used functionally in the home.      


The Artists


Sarah Neubert, a Master Weaver and educator, is a fiber artist who creates wearable art, wall hangings and objects for the home, elevating functional items for everyday use into the realm of the beautiful. Her approach takes its inspiration from nature, using plant-based yarns and fiber, including hemp, cotton, silk and wool, that are organically grown, sometimes repurposed, and always sustainable. Her focus is on texture and natural hues, favoring contrasts and contours over flat surfaces, and neutrals over bright colors. As a fiber artist, Sarah differentiates weaving from other fine arts, explaining that each creation starts with raw materials and through a slow, tactile, involved process becomes an entire structure through the manipulation of a variety of fibers that exist naturally in the world.


Beth McTear, an artist specializing in textile dyeing, is the principal of Honest Alchemy, a sustainable textile and accessory design company that uses 100% natural fibers. Beth’s interest in a vast array of traditions, from Japanese to Scandinavian to Mali tribal to design, has strongly influenced her craft. With an emphasis on creating utilitarian art for the everyday, she uses all natural dyestuffs sourced from reputable fair-trade resources, as well as from her own dye garden and from foraging materials in her community. Among the dyeing techniques that she practices, including custom batik and screen printing, her use of eco-dyeing has become the most significant, based on its contemporary application of traditional dyeing and its unique, compelling results.



We would love to hear from you about your project. Here’s how the process works:

  • Fill out the following form;
  • We will follow up with an email to schedule a phone conversation to learn more about the scope of the project and your particular needs;
  • We will conduct a site visit to review the space if in Austin, TX or nearby and take all necessary measurements;
  • If you reside outside of Austin, TX, we will coordinate taking measurements with a local specialist;
  • We will select one of our artists based on your project and tastes/preferences;
  • You will receive fiber samples, presentation boards and schematics to showing what the end result will look like;
  • A professional team will be sent to the site for installation.

All work is done on a custom basis, with a lead time of four to six months. Please note, due to the use of natural pigments and dyeing techniques, exact color matching cannot be expected. The sample swatches you receive will be the closest possible approximation to the final result.

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